Monday, March 20, 2006

Years of Engineering ! ! !

Pic:My friends at the end of a fun filled day @ college

Hi everyone..
Long time here is something from my side.
Just some 'light' on my 'sparkling' years of Engineering.

This is my final semester of Engineering and now I am supposed to face the world (rather the world has to face me).
New people, new challenges ,new places,new aspirations so many things NEW and this means I cant remain the same old person !
So I am trying to make myself more adaptable to all these changes.

Engineering has been fun so to say.I can say it is one long vaccation.
But there has been many good things I have learnt here... like I knew the value of my Professors (who are all powerful here not in their subjects but in handling our internal marks and attendance).So we have developed a lot of respect and admiration for their good work.

We have also kindly donated(rather spent) a huge sum on the closeby canteens and eateries who have flourished(they just missed out to make it to the Forbes 500 list)and has made them financially sound with which they can even afford for their sons/daughters to complete their Engineering.

But seriously,Engineering has been one good platform through which I have met people who in their thoughts and actions have made an impact on me .
I am still amazed at some of my peers who are so clear cut in their ambitions and who know what they are planning to do in the future.This is one quality that I always admire !

So Engineering days passed out in a flash real flash believe me...i could turn back and find myself in my first year being ragged by my seniors and here I am ragging u on the net :)

It was a roller coaster ride for most of us here, where we enjoy most of the semester and suddenly realise that the devil is knocking at the door (the exams ),so we are back with eating,dreaming and breathing books during the last week of our exams.( u can make that last day before the exam ).

But this I thoroughly enjoyed, those night outs,the refreshments to keep me awake(which I made sure were finished before I sleep :) ),strange and crazy ways of remembering things,those weird study habits and not to forget my FAITHFUL ALARM CLOCK which ensured that I was in par with the syllabus to be completed...all these small things can bring on a smile to my face 3-4 yrs down the line.

This goes on with every semester where we begin with a resolution that NO MORE LAST MOMENT BATTING but history repeats itself successfully everytime and by all probability looks like things are not going to change.(very optimistic on this )

After this semester everyones going to be moving in different directions which makes me feel bad but things in life has to move on and people have to secure their future as many responsibilities and hopes are pinned with them from their loved ones.

So to conclude Engineering is Engineering and you need to be there to experience it.

Will definitely miss all the fun.
Wishing everyone the best



Eternal Romantic said...

Surprised man none has yet commented on ur posts yet.Well never mind i'm honored to be the first person to do so :).How true u r abt engineering life.
It has to be xperienced to be felt.
And yes theres never a dull moment when ur around and this is also reflected in ur blog. Never got bored reading it, made good reading .
Keep up the good work .
Until next time.
From a fellow engineer.

Anonymous said...

u seriously rock i'll start blogging and let u know who I am
till then keep rocking
ur friendly neighbour ;)

Ravi said...

hehe.... arvind... fans ekkuvaithunnarey ;)

anyway... engineering is fun and man i've got only 3 more days of work in the college :-(

Random thoughts from Chennai to Canada said...

hey...ur post is so true...even though im not in university...i know what you mean...l feel life is the best till one goes into the work environment...i still have 4 more years of this...there will be many highs and lows but when you think about it a few months later we will laugh at our own stupid days...

Arvind said...

@ random thoughts from c - c
crazy wud be the word and u also seem to follow the same mantra for success :D