Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Pot Pourri !!

Its becoming a habit for me to keep posting on festivals days and this post is no exception ! So here's wishing you people a very Happy Tamil New Year's Day and best of times ahead.
இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

This year is special for most of us(we in the final years of our Engineering) here as this might be the last for most of them who start working or go abroad for further education so observing all the traditions followed carefully to carry it forward !

So what all these days... it was a mad rush of exams ,records,project deadlines,submissions,seminars and end of it applauses ofcourse :D

Its hardly 15 days and we are done with Engineering..had our last internals which I screwed it BIG (which makes it all the more memorable).I had observed some changes from my first year where we would dig deep into the books till the final call was made and now for the last exam those final calls transformed to missed calls ;) .No books in the hands now as these hands were only meant for Hi 5's now ;)

Here is a day before my final rained that night a relief from the hottest weather 42 degrees C in Hyderabad for that week(u can put oil on ur self and can start burning..u can fry puri's and dosas on the seats of ur 2 wheelers)and I was happy that I could start..but sigh no power after that small rain till 2 AM that night which is the reason I give for finishing my internal exams with a BANG ! (hope thts not the reason for screwing my Externals :-S )

This week was memorable for the last active week of college,my universities admissions getting delayed and not to forget Abhi..who made it to the IIM's,which gives him some happy problems to sort out ;) and says doesnt want to talk about it.

Its going to be exams ,exams and exams which are lurking round the corner and hope we are on the other side of the wall and are spared the axe !
So time to shift into READ MODE(hopefully not SLEEP MODE) and to have a semester darshan of my text books !!

Goodluck to all for there exams..(I cant think of anything other than my exams and engineering as of now... hope my HoD sees this hehe..)

Chalo..bye for now will keep posting maybe about the craziest ways in which I studied and the review of the question papers :P

Enjoy the summer..till the next post