Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A journey of 4 years..was special and has ended special :)

Hey people!

It’s been a while since I wrote (and habits don’t change that easily!) .And as in my last post it was about “My attempt of getting into me getting into READ MODE” for my final Engineering exams, it’s all done now. Hurray! I am a 99 % Engineer now (hoping that results forms just the 1%)!
So this post is going to be a long one and hope you have your nourishment beside you.

The exams were decent and we immediately shifted to our PARTY MODE which was on our mind for long. After all it’s been a 4 years journey which gives us a very special GRADUATE degree associated to your name.

The scene when I submitted my last Engineering paper :(hopefully my last), Decision Support Systems the EEE HoD who is one of the well respected and (feared) sirs was invigilating, I submitted my paper and almost simultaneously yelled and yahooed inside the class itself (What a moment that was)...all pre-planned of course ;).The Sir in whose class we would not dare to even whisper too enjoyed that moment!! Maybe he was reminded of his early days, But surely good fun is accepted everywhere ;).

The scene outside the exam hall: My classmates eagerly waiting for the hugs (no kisses of course :D) of being called ‘Engineers’ ready to save the world now through their technical finesse(big words ehh ..).

We had these long never-ending gossips and were like even happy to see our faces. Crazy photo-sessions followed and for the first time we had of class chic’s..Ohh I mean the girls being shot (with a camera of course).
Every corner of the college was shot, with every imaginable pose what we could give. I can say everyone was at their creative best.
Then we had made the plans of an outing which could well be our last with our friends as people start to work, get into interns and stuff related.

We chose a place where we could really spend some quality time together rather than just a place where everyone is having fun individually.

Group means varied ideas and there was again this split can say the Conservatives and the Party people. (The I’ll ask mama kind and the who cares for mama kind)
But we finally managed to make it to a place which could suffice everyone.
And all agreed! Was a little surprising though (but wait till I complete).

We zeroed in on a Rajasthani Ethnic village called ‘Dhola-ri-Dhani’ not a village exactly but made according to a village theme. I never imagined this place could be so interesting for a get together but the only thing that was in my mind was 20 very capable people who can create chaos anywhere (that’s us I am talking about) can make any place interesting and I and for that matter none of us were disappointed, in fact I can call it by far THE BEST ENGINEERING OUTING I had in these 4 years with my friends.

It was planned to be a junta of some 35+ people but turned out to be a 18 people affair.(thanks to some really special girls) But all for the good can say the people who really wanted to cherish the occasion came and the people who missed out can say missed something really precious. The significance of the occasion made it real special for us.

We played, we danced, we ate one of the best served and traditional Rajasthani food in a village like atmosphere (could u have this fun in at a Discotheque?), we swam, We listened to our hearts it was like a small world I found in that place, and for the first time we never bothered about the other crowd at that place as we were busy in our own special world.

Not going into the details of what we did that day as I know that is simple inexpressible in words.

Boy! This is the day I can never forget and at the end of the day, I could really understand some people what they thought what they thought about me their infinite crushes on me..Hehe (joking of course).But this is the time I spend some real time with my classmates.
We parted with the regular hugs (special than the rest though) and can say we are more emotionally bonded now than before.

So this was my trip from the college, and my holidays were still in the inchoate stages and what would I do if found free go out with my class 12 friends and this time to a place where BOYZ love Go-karting at a place called RUNWAY 9.
The mean machines touching 300kmph (joking of course never crossed 65 kmph) the hair racing experiencing, the sounds of the engines, the acceleration, soon saw the emotional Arvind go crazy!
5 people in all went in their 3 bikes on a long drive and then again drive cars there were surely ‘driving’ to the limits of fun.

So lots of fun and action was going around in this first week of my holidays and still there I am not done. My closest pals whose exams are just over are going to start a new episode of fun.

So it’s going to be fun, chatting and Orkutting for this month and then back to some serious work on Visa and further education.

Hey and almost forgot I started to learn cooking, and as of now there are no casualties.

Hoping that you people are also in love with your lives.

I am celebrating it.

It was quite a long mail ,eventhough I cut short on many points but hope it was enjoyable.