Friday, July 07, 2006

Sun Sand and Chennai…

Hey people !

Not going off track in my very classic characteristic istyle I start off ...
”It’s been a while since I posted …and this post is no exception.”
But these days have been thoroughly eventful for me “…hehehe..
Its been infact !!

This is about a week long vacation I had in Chennai, to spend time with my cousin who is now amidst some of the great minds of India…the place IIM-A !!(The place millions dream to be and thousands work for and some 100’s make it to be precise 250)

He is one hell of a character, can term him a separate breed of human (yes humans I said: No doubts will be encouraged here :D) who can speak anything at face let it be his mom or Sonia Gandhi but adorable though :P!(for further details read his testimonials in Orkut)

So a week with him and I learn something’s new in LIFE :

1 .THE REAL MEANING OF VETTI (Idle, jobless and everything related. :D)

(Was practicing that before landing at IIM-A ;-))
3 .HOW TO MAINTAIN PRIVACY. (that too with a door and a mouth :D)

( cold coffee is expensive alrite :D)
**So all aspiring IIM students try to associate your self to these symptoms or at least try to develop them!!!

So Chennai it was where I landed and I was all scared as the train arrives at 5:30 in the morning and the guy who was to pick me up stays up all night and gets up at 11 (and that too only if forced, beaten and tortured!!).
But I came to know from that day that he is a pretty dependable guy..:D and was more relieved tan happy to see him hehe..

The purpose of the visit was like a farewell sort of thing for him as we would not meet each other for some years.
So a cousin from Coimbatore also joined us! So 3 people in all now called 3 A’s (All our names begin with A ).
So this was a special trip for me as this banda was leaving and also because this was a trip where I intended to see Chennai :-) as most of the times would I end up visiting the temples and the hazaar relatives I have there.

So the very first day I saw SAND, the beach at Besant Nagar was a superb place to just walk around we were there at some 10 in the night and were back nearly at midnight. Very Breezy , great place to walk after a dinner and sighhhhh and I was walking along with this guy :( :( :( !!!

Next day I Saw the SVCE college of Engineering which is suppose to be one of the best in Chennai!(all because my cousin studied there and also will read this :D :D)

Visited the Vandalur Zoo supposedly the largest zoo in South India! Where we saw Chennai SUN and it was a hot and sultry day our T-shits just needed a soap to get that lather!

It was fun real fun being to the zoo. Never felt so excited being at a zoo! saw snakes, reptiles, monkeys and birds of many varieties (and all the animals mentioned in your KG textbooks ) !
One incident here was a monkey running from the inside, stretching its hands and asking for something to eat was really a touching was feeling really bad for it and also felt how lucky I was to be on the other side of the cage (yes yes I know what u people are thinking of that I am even more dangerous than that poor monkey and I deserved to be IN!!).All in all was a great place and never thought ZOO would be so exciting!

We went to many places where would eat and spend time one of them would be Ascendas-International Tech Park a 650 seater restaurant where we had some great Parathas ! (Next time someone goes there try that ;) )
We tried to synchronize our time with the American School and NIFT –Chennai which finishes by 3:00-3:30 but we missed it all the 3 days!! :( :( :(

For the first time I understood the Chennai routes as we traveled to many places and went to some pretty long drives and above all was with a pretty eligible guide :D who showed us everything from Jayalalitha's place to a kutti dhaba !

I had one more special day at Chennai where I met a girl(Super yapper,terror,last bencher..and who watches just 2 channels :P) whom I met after some 10 years and was a awesome meeting and guess where she was heading too ..the best B-school in India (All my friends are highly qualified and are super studs. but claim to be vetti)!!So indeed made it even more special !

Not often you have 2 IIM-A students amidst you sipping coffee and you end up paying the bill and also giving a TIP :D :D .All in hope they would treat me heavily after 2 years. :D:D

So what would I do when left alone at home and not facing the heat?!? watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S ,watch movies on the PC inside a cozy room for the whole day and you would not feel bored a bit! and this is what someone terms as THIS A LIFE! and I had the spice of it too!

I watched FANAA(a new technology that can be tried out on hardcore terrorists to get all their secrets out :D)which was my first Hindi film at Chennai !and found the arguement between my cousin and a lady more interesting who was hit by something somewhere and wanted a SORRY from my cousin who was sitting exactly behind her (and ofcourse he didnt !)

Our last outing was to a place called MGM DIZEE WORLD- A Theme park at Chennai, DIZEE it was for the other 2 A’s 5-10 rides and some water games is what it all took for them to make them go Oo la la I was alone on most of the rides :-( !

But surely the whole day went off in a flash and fun was at its peak when we were trying in on some Golti(as I knew Telugu) girls at the pool..hehe.
There were some pretty cool rides one amazing ride I still remember was a machine which would go totally upside down and stay there for some 4 seconds , I was shouting words like my 1 rupee is off my pocket ,heard someone saying that he was the only son to his parents so please stop this thing ! (and the fun part was we had this after just after our LUNCH crazy isn’t it??)
So it was a crazy adrenaline rush on that day.

So the day was nearing for my cousin to leave so had to to do things like shopping getting some medical checkups done and all that related stuff and meanwhile I understood whats Procrastination !!!!

Met some relatives who would kill me if I do not visit their place when I was in their territory! So at the end of the day(or rather week here) everyone was happy :) :)

All in all can say was one of the most enjoyable trips I had in Chennai for a long long time and thanks to my cousin(proud to call him so :P) who shared his secrets, gave good information which would help me in the future :P :P(of course you are guessing in the right direction keep trying and no questions will be answered here too :P :P)and also showed me in and out of Chennai !
P.s but could not show me the Guardian Angel and the angel(I have a .25mm desi made pistol on my forehead while writing this):D :D (missed them !)
But got to say this it was one of the most refreshing weeks I had and was back home in Hyderabad where I could justify people about my VACATION at Chennai !
Where people would say Chennai for vacation???

Have fun will try to post some interesting things which are around the corner !


P.s :If you have read this post all the way down here at one go you are directly qualified for the Indian Olympics team as part of the Marathon squad :D