Thursday, January 03, 2008

Randomness ' 08 !

At last I decided to break the jinx and thanks to some randomness and some useful late night conversations that I decided to post this work. This is also a special occasion as it’s a start of a New Year which is always filled with dreams and hopes for making things better. I would like to say a special thanks to Munmun for the needed motivation :-)

So here is the idea, someone gives you 5 random words and you make a story out of it.
It can be in any order and verb forms can also be considered in place of the word itself.

My 5 words were: Admire, Loathe, Road, Search, Girlfriend

The writing: ( You can post your compliments in the comments and e-mail your critiques :D )

As children we always admire the stars who win public’s heart with display of their special skills. Every child dreams to be a star one day by doing something fantastic. But later in life there is a realization that they have lost their way by taking the road which was taken by most and end up as commoners and cannot do the Fantastic things they dreamt of. This popularly is called Mock Psychology.
But there is also a realization among these set of people that things they do are of importance in the bigger jigsaw which make them stars as well in their own perspective.

This realization is very important and helps in making sure the wheels of development moves smoothly on the road of development. Imagine everyone wants to do the same job which earns them rewards, acclaims and titles? Also imagine there is no one to implement it after the idea has been proposed!
A real life example would be considering there is just one girl in an island and everyone wants her to be his girlfriend. Then things would not move smoothly and pretty soon it would turn chaotic. This is where work division comes into picture where the best guy gets the best job similar to the best guy in the island gets the girl.

But again people might loathe the idea of bias playing a part in this decision making process just like reservations/priveleges for less deserving candidates but this is what harshness of life is but still everyone searches for an opportunity among this chaos to do the fantastic thing, that is what is the true sweetness of life is.

These were my random thoughts which were put up. You should give it a try once too. Its fun or should say its healthy fun !

Happy New Year to everyone ! Wishing everyone peace, love and happiness all throughout this New Year :)



Ravi Gummadi said...

I understood only that u wished HNY other than that I am clueless![:)]

Vaporizing Phantasm said... you were saying?????

As Ravi said.... Happy New year...thats all I grasped...RATHER....thats all I read :P

Bindu said...

Random words + random thoughts + meaningful message in the heart of it all = Great blog entry!!

A.Jay said...

I went in search of my road to perdition
Expunging all from my mind
Even my girlfriend whom I most admire.
Every day every second
The melancholy I loathe
Augments the pathos within my soul

Arvind Ramachander said...

@ Ravi - Happpy New year take's over many things I know :P

and Phantom : Yes thanks for adding to the literature program

@Bindu - Thanks for the kind words :)

A.Jay - Wow !
Very Interesting style of writing..maybe I shold give you 5 words and you make you write poetry :)

A.Jay said...

gracias amigo
mind if i add ur blog to my roll?

Arvind Ramachander said...

I am honored..Sure buddy :)

Nemo said...

I thought of tagging you...I just replied a set of 30 questions...and I guess it might be a good idea to keep your blog and your readers updated. ;)

Nemo said...

wow! this was good... :)

Arvind Ramachander said...

Sure my next post should have 30 answers for ppl to understand me in and out :D

Anonymous said...

edho summa peeetter udrarabba chance kidacchudunnu..

The whole post is mock mocking us for continuing to read it

good to see you back blogging..