Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Just to prove I'm still there ! ;-)

Dear all, (sounds like a E-mail ?? )

This is a reminder that Arvind still blogs and is wide awake in the blogging world ;-)
Apart from writing articles, clicking Million Photographs I was leading a group of very motivated individuals in organizing a wonderful event for the Indian Student's Association at ASU which happened this Sep 19th '2009 .
It was called Jhankaar - A welcoming party to the new Students who had arrived here @ASU that year.
There were lot of thoughts, creative ideas thrown in the air and it needed some meticulous planning, infinitely long email threads and innumerable number of phone calls to make up for a wonderful time 3+ hours and a lifetime of memories.
Its attracted over 500 people for the past 3 year and in short says what College Entertainment is all about !!

Its been the 2nd time I've danced (yes yes..in one of the most popular dances of the evening where I am the lone guy and surrounded by 6-8 girls ranging from Radha kaise na jale to Kajra re to Ramta Jogi ).
But the most satisfying thing was writing short skits again and making new people act in them..Its been a wonderful learning experience for me ! :)
I liked the way we worked as a group and pulled this off successfully !

Here is the link to the wonderful video which in short depicts the Making of Jhankaar :

Will be there with a post something interesting soon!

Cheers and best!