Sunday, September 09, 2012

I'm back !!

Ahh! The world of bloggers!

After a gap of nearly 2 years and 6+ kgs , I'm back!!! Heavier, stronger and kind of wiser to enter the world of blogging again ;)

The internet has drastically improved the speeds of communication , information passing , entertainment etc but at the same time it has faded away a few of the basic things we all did well in our 90's and 2000's!

Handwriting  ( I was so proud of my calligraphic skills where my strokes in cursive writing would be so smooth that those 'curves' would make any Hollywood actress jealous :D )
Now all I can do is choose fonts ( my handwriting variation) to watermark my pictures or write emails or  documents which are read by humans and bots.

Out of the other things that has advanced to advanced stages of extinction is  our attention span!  I don't think anyone is willing to read beyond a smart punchline or not more than 140 characters thanks to Twitter ( A person with over 8K tweets and a winner of atleast dozen Twitter contest saying this you have to believe him :D ). My attention span has also been reduced to that of a fly!

This might just be the reason I would have not blogged for so long!
Apart from that I had to find some motivation and a very good friend of mine recently has provided me with that to kick start my writing habit. 

I fell in love( for the first time) with writing(again) and I shall post on this space *very very soon*.

Just wanted the humanity which lives on Facebook who keeps watching my pictures to know "The writing is on the WALL for you "If you don't read the 100000's of words which is equivalent to 100's of pictures [ Do the math of how many word's a single picture speaks ;) ] , else you shall be poked !!!

Till the *very very soon* post (t)rolls out into your hearts and lungs and kidneys,

Peace out!