Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Evolution of My Blogging !!

As this is my first blog I would like to KISS...(dont get any ideas here...Keep It Short and Simple)

'ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END' - but for that they need to BEGIN !So here I am writing my first blog .
This must be a special day for all INDIANS(not because I have started blogging ! ..cos its HOLI today)

So Evolution of my blogging - aptly describes me starting to blog cos it took me some time to kickstart all this action.
People say I am too lazy to to do all this but ..but I seriously wanted to do all this writing, getting in touch with different creative minds, work out something beneficial for me or to others.

Ok something abt me now:An final year Engineering student from Hyderabad who will mostly scrape through unhurt ,loves exploring new things and loves things differerent from the ordinary.
just as anyone cant live without friends family or fun !

So will bore you people to death(slowly though) from my next post....
Until then leave in Peace..


Anonymous said...

Hmm last sem and nostalgia .. So wat is the most memorable moment in ur engneering ?

Arvind said...

@ anonymous:
So many things and I can start a new topic for it..
All good clean fun thats all i can say :)..
k one for u
In first year classes and I was shouting(asusual)in the Engg Drawing classes and the guy next to me gets caught always !