Thursday, December 30, 2010

The 2010 post !! :)

So What's happening guys ?

I'm still staying alive in the world of blogging with this post(My only post of 2010!!) :D

2010 was rough isn't it?( Earthquakes, floods, violence, Economy) - Still waiting for some things to happen fast for me( or rather have to make it happen!)
Almost dying to go to India to visit family and friends. It's been a while and I almost have been dreaming about Hyderabad for the last 6 months.

So here are some highlights of 2010.

Its been an amazing year for me as a Photographer.
Great works concluding as a researcher ( soon..soon to be told..)
Learnt a lot of things by experimenting and travelling to many places.
Thanks to the wonderful friends( whose phone calls I don't pick up, but still give them the best profile pictures :] ) with whom some great road trips have happened!!
I had this wonderful opportunity of shooting a wedding at Boston and New Hampshire(Yes I was the trusted Photographer for a whole wedding ) - A wedding gift from my side to a close friend.

Have motivated more than a dozen ASU(Arizona State University) peeps ( (A little bragging is allowed, since its my blog :D ) to get into serious Photography and have taken many people on Photography 101 walks. ( Canon and Nikon you should be paying me for a spike in their sales! )

Been the year where we successfully passed on the baton of ISA @ASU( Indian Students Association ) to new folks. Managing over 800 people with a team of less than 20 people was fun and probably made me explore a leader in me!

Still maintaining my status as a teetotaler and a Vegetarian successfully - ( 4+ years in US )

This is the year I've watched maximum English movies( Sum of all previous years would be lesser) and have developed a deep appreciation and respect for movie making and direction.

Have been watching a lot of documentaries oflate ( No I'm not getting boring as a person:D)
- "The Story of India" by Michael Wood( which is now my all time favorite in documentaries about Indian History, so many discoveries made),
- Enron( A story about one of the biggest Corporate frauds in the World),
- Conspiracy theories( 9/11 attacks, Moon Landings etc - some of them make a lot of sense and helped me gain different perspectives)
and one of my other favorites
- "An inconvenient truth" ( A great and detailed documentary on Global Warming)
Apart from this - This is the first year where I finished reading 2 Novels successfully each over 300 pages( considering my attention span for things which does not involve jumping and rolling on the ground). Both of them were Dan Brown novels( Digital Fortress and Deception Point - Both the books were average, Enjoyed Chetan Bhagat's 2 states and 5 Point someone more).
With that I'm part of a family which has voracious readers( Yes, I was the lone black sheep who used to ask my dad to narrate the story during dinners)

My best hike till date (in terms of difficulty) also happened this year. It was at Superstition Mountains and was called The Siphon draw trail( till the Flat iron - Google "Flat iron Arizona" ).

Ran Arbor Day 5K run [ my first long run after 2 Hyderabad 10K runs] and was within Tempe's fastest 100 men :D

Bad things were short( and significant ) - Like drastic reduction in the amount of cooking( yes yes increase in weight :P), reduced consistency in playing beach volleyball ( although won a Silver Medal in the ASU Olympics :D ), racquetball or any sport for a significantly long time.
Laziness levels were displayed to ensure a peaceful life ( other than for Non Profits and Photography )

But overall glad that 2 significant things laziness( a great teacher) and passions( also a great teacher) ruled 2010.
Passions rule you inevitably, make sure it compensates for laziness ;)

2011, will be a *very* significant year in my life where major things will happen. Hopeful that it brings a lot of HEALTH,happiness, peace and open mindedness to this world. [ This is the first year I'm wishing all these :D ]

Lastly, not to forget more than a dozen(infact an truckload) of my friends got married or engaged this year ( marital bliss before 2012, when the World ends? ) - so wishing them a very special year ahead.

As they say for good things to happen it has to start first...

So Dear 2011 - Bring it ON! This is the year I'm going to be more courageous and hardworking than ever before. Not to forget, this is the year I'll have my family first over my friends.

Cheers and Best,
Your's truly!

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