Sunday, August 27, 2006

Up Up and Away....In the land of dreams

Hey people,
So time has come again for a Arvind special :D so here I start again in my patented style...Its been a long time since I posted blah..blah..and YES !!It again took a special day for this post !!The day is Vinayaka Chaturthi this time.
Looks like my blog has become a bi-monthly event !

So some updates from my side..a lot in fact,can publish a book(which will be the last one for the publisher though :D) on the days I had from the airport send offs till the time I arrived here )
I am not in India now and I am in the place of dreams(not Mumbai..for the people who thought I was going to be the next big thing in Bollywood :-)..United States of America it is)..for pursuing my Masters in at a reputed Institution called Arizona State University.

Its been some 10 days here and I get to learn many things like cooking(in "bold"),managing my resources and all importantly trying to get accustomed to the new environment.Its been a nice 10 days so far with lots of welcoming parties for fresh graduates(where our taste buds gets back to life :D),and lots of freebies provided(which gets us back to life :D )

Some things I love about this place
People slog hard on weekdays and they are very dedicated,committed to their work and are super duper courteous which are somethings which is really appreciable.

One thing which is a little bad is the food(espl with me being a veggie) (Burritos in Taco Bell !!yuck!! ..I call it Taco Hell :) ),but we manage to make some good food and I have really encouraging roomies (people with a big appetite but still fall under HUMAN category :D) who will not disappoint in sweeping away the food when someone is away!!

The pace of education is a fast(thats one of the reasons why they are pioneers in technology).For some people it is like an avalanche when they open their closet door,because it goes at tremendous pace and we always need to be on our toes to stay in par with the crowd.(No wonder people love weekends here ! )What we used to do in a semester is done in an assignment(no wonder people who complete MS are valued :D..*embedded prayer here* )

So from personal point of view I love the place for the people (don't get any ideas here and don't correlate it with the place being HOT and the university being ranked in top 10 Party Universities in the US )

But yes it is a little tough being away from parents,friends and your loved ones who you were with for nearly 21 years and with whom you spent some of the most precious/special/wonderful/unforgettable moments of your life.
But what is life if its going on smooth there is one stage in life where we got to prove ourselves(I am shifting to philosophy mode now :D) and try to show what we are capable of and would like to contribute productively to the soceity.

One good thing is there are lots of people who I know(my roomies,apartment mates who like nullify the chance of me being homesick..vice versa may not be true ). talks till 1-2 in the night are always fun:-)
I have some neighbours as Chinese..who are sweet to say the least ..calm ,organised(and there houses are super clean) and also give wonderful gifts too :D
So in 10 days I have met some very nice people and I guess this is what is International exposure is all about and you get to learn a lot so there are dreams and there are hope that they meet !

I am having fun and the photo here is where we were taken to 3 American homes for getting to know American culture and trying to tell them something about our culture as well .So that day was quite special !

So lots of thoughts and feelings which I cant pen down like the mails my mom writes to me and the telephonic conversations..singing of national anthem at the Independence very emotional and special !

Have fun while I have fun slogging!
Its show time here!!

Adios and Cheers !